Since I was a child, I had a passion for jewelry. I love the shimmering of jewellery and its preciousness.
Jewelry is a real bright touch for our outfits, they complete our person and they can give us a sophisticated look or match our sporty look. They are versatile and their versatility can also be seen in the jewellery you can find on the Getnamenecklace website.
This is a site where you can order custom jewelry. I can make my name jewelry: so bracelets and necklaces have my name!

The category of jewelry that impressed me the most is the one for which the store is best known, that is, the category of custom bracelets. Get name bracelets has never been so simple. Mine, although known, is not an easy name to find among the nice custom gadgets or, precisely, among the jewelry on sale on the market. Finally I can wear a bracelet with my name!

Only by hands-on experience can you feel the real charm of hand-made jewelry and that’s how Getnamenecklace explains to us on the site how make name necklace.

For the realization of each jewel there are 4 phases:
1. Draw a design with a pencil;
2. Make a brass prototype to make sure you got all the curves and connections;
3. Make a first version in semi-hard sterling silver 10mm wire;
4. After the shape is formed, gently hammer it to finalize the design and hardness, then add buttons and chains. 

So, a name jewelry comes into being.

Finally, on getnamenecklace you can buy safely and pay with Paypal, cards like Visa, American Express and Mastercard.
Shipping is tracked and you will receive notifications by email. For your first purchase you can enjoy a 15% clash and shipping costs are free shipping for orders over US$150.

Marina Napolitano